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Witter Carrier For 4×4 Vehicles (Small Overhang & Clamps)


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This Witter deluxe carrier is for 4×4 vehicles with a rear mounted spare wheel and a small overhang or 110mm or less and will carry up to 4 bikes. Bikes are secured with clamps.

Available on backorder

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Product Description

This Witter Bike Carrier is for vehicles that are 4×4 and have a rear
mounted spare wheel, with an overhang of 110mm or less. It can carry up
to 4 bikes1
and will fit all frame sizes. Because the cycle carrier fits between
the fixing plate and the tow ball these gives you the option to still
tow whilst the carrier is in use. Cycles are secured to the carrier with clamps.

1 Always check your vehicle manufacturers recommended nose load.


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