Essential parts for towing | CART|

Remember, the more security you use, the less likely it is that your property will be stolen! On-Auto offers a range of wheel clamps, hitch locks, security posts, ‘DataTaging’ systems and other security products.

We offer a range of insert locks, which will replace the barrel locks on your different TripleLock heads depending on the brand. Please note though that not all TripleLock heads can have their barrel locks replaced due of the way they are assembled.

Ball Socket locks protect the trailer from being hitched to another car while not in use. Shroud locks do a similar job but add more security with pic free locks a protection from attack. Eye locks are used to protect the trailer with towing eye from being stolen.

The most popular security product would be a wheel clamp, which is like a car wheel clamp in that it prevents the trailer wheel from turning when not in use.