Essential parts for towing | CART|

The following products are designed to be attached to the towing vehicle rather than to a caravan or trailer. Towballs, jaws and hitch pins are the basic equipment which will allow you to couple a trailer or caravan.

Towballs, jaws and pin & balls combinations fix to a mounting plate on a towbar. Towballs are for use with 51mm couplings, whereas ‘jaws’ are for use with ‘eye’ couplings. Please note that eye couplings are only legally allowed for use with commercial vehicles. Pin & ball combinations can be used with both a ball and eye couplings. Adjustable height ball brackets can be accustomed to give different towing heights; these are mainly used on 4×4 vehicles.

The majority of tow balls and jaws are the flange fitting type, which fit with the two pins against the tow bar brackets. We do one shank fitted tow ball which is usually used on small ATVs.